Companion Care

Companion Care

You could climb to the top of the world and jump into the deepest of ravines, but if you don’t have someone to share it with you’ll always be looking back. – Saim Cheeda

Companionship is a human need that need the soul yearns for.

Our caregivers come to you with a helping hand, a smiling face and a listening ear. Our goal is to make life more pleasant. At Rescue91 we will match you with a companion based on your interests.

Nothing is too menial when it comes to making your day brighter and your smile bigger. I caregivers are ready to engage in activities that that will keep you entertained and relaxed.

Some of the activities include but is not limited to the following:

Playing or listening to music
Having healthy conversations
Playing puzzles
Going to the park or going out to eat
Accompanying you to and from hospital visits
Helping you host guests

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