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Live In Care

There is times where the needs of a patient requires 24- hour care. We will put together a plan for you that works for you or your loved ones who need around the clock care and attention.

With this type of care, the care giver resides in the home of the client. They are there to respond to every need of the client and agree or schedule needs that makes the client comfortable.

Though the caregiver lives with the client, they get to take regular breaks for meals and other purposes and definitely sleep time. For a good live in experience the caregiver will have a separate living space.

24 hour shift care

There is also the option to have a 24 hour shift care, in this case, care will be provided through out the day by different care givers. There will not be a need to provide a accommodation for the caregiver. The client can be assured that there will not be gaps in the schedule.

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